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Holly Jolly X'masu

Aug 20, 2021

Welcome to episode 24 of Holly Jolly X'masu! In this episode, I talk about Misia’s 2020 album, “So Special Christmas.”

So Special Christmas - 2020

After seeing her perform in the Opening Ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, and finding out she had released a Christmas album just last year, I decided I wanted to get out an episode in time to coincide with the games. Unfortunately, life got in the way. Shipping on my order took longer than expected. After that, my old knee injury reared its head. As I was finally getting back on my feet, summer was wrapping up and the school year was starting. Needless to say, I’m running behind.

I’ve posted the link to a video of Misia’s “The Glory Day” below. And if you think about it, please consider making a donation to the Special Olympics.

Misia - The Glory Day - Live - 2004

Thanks for listening, and I hope you’ve Misia’s music and learning a little more about her. Despite all the delays, I’m still intending on getting my two planned 80s episodes by the end of the month. Join me on the 25th as I discuss Zen Records’ “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” from 1984. Then listen in the following week for some more 80s goodness.

As always, any feedback on this episode would be appreciated. If have any suggestions, or if you’d like to recommend a song or album for a future episode, drop me a line and let me know.

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