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Holly Jolly X'masu

Jul 26, 2022

Welcome to episode 56 of Holly Jolly X'masu! In this special Christmas In July episode, I’ll be discussing a variety of summery Christmas songs from a diverse group of artists. This year’s episodes was fun to put together, although I ran into a lot of speed bumps along the way. The order containing several of...

Jul 18, 2022

Welcome to episode 55 of Holly Jolly X'masu! In this episode, I’ll be Yumi Matsutoya’s Christmas songs.

December Rain - 1974

When it comes to Japanese Christmas music, there are a handful of really key artists. Over the past forty years, one of the most influential is Yumi Matsutoya. She’s certainly not the most prolific when it...

Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to episode 54 of Holly Jolly X'masu! In this episode, I’ll be discussing Yumi Matsutoya’s classic 1980 album, “Surf & Snow – Volume One.”

Surf & Snow - Volume One - 1980

For as big as Yuming is, and considering how easy it is to find reviews, critiques and opinions about her online, I was surprised by the sparse amount of...